&KOO: Getting to Know the Network

&KOO is the first Growth Marketing network in Belgium. We’re a network of creative marketing and communication experts, built for the now. Why a Growth Marketing network? Because the questions we are confronted with are often so complex and at the same time so specific in nature that they require multiple expertises at the same time.

For example: growth can take place in various areas; think of greater brand awareness, more traffic to the shop or website, greater conversion, more ambassadors, setting up marketing automation processes, etc… with the ultimate goal of customer engagement, which ultimately leads to more revenue or more impact.

“Growth marketing starts at the heart of products and services while remaining brand authentic and leading to increased customer engagement.”


In contrast to other communication or marketing consultancy agencies, we have organised ourselves as a network of experts and not as a one-size-fits-all model. We’re writers, artists, developers, entrepreneurs and data junkies. Over the past few years, we’ve built this strong network from the ground up. Today, we can proudly say that we’re 17 expert companies, focussing on a variety of traditional and experimental marketing techniques.

Curious about what value &KOO can bring to your organisation? Then it’s time to meet the network…

Invisible Puppy :: Digital Marketing Agency

Modern marketing requires a hands-on approach with a strategically consistent vision. That’s why it’s important for marketing organisations to take ownership of the entire marketing mix themselves. Invisible Puppy helps organisations to plot that course and acts as a coach in the execution. Why ‘Invisible Puppy’? Freddy explains it for you in this movie

If you’re Dutch speaking, you can also have a look at their digital marketing project with Delhaize here:

Invisible Puppy for Delhaize

Lunar Gravity :: Digital Production Studio

Lunar Gravity is a team of digital natives with various backgrounds who genuinely believe in building and designing a better Internet. Feel free to contact them for anything digital, high-end and interactive. Every request goes through their creatives and designers, and anything developed is tested thoroughly by humans and machines. Lunar Gravity is here to help you create a digital experience and bridge the link between creativity and technology

Check out their collaboration with ‘De Ideale Wereld’, a Belgian TV show here:

Lunar Gravity for 'De Ideale Wereld'

Musketon :: Visual Artist

Musketon is the creative alter ego of Bert. An eccentric visual artist with a very distinctive style and not-your-average perspective on the things that seem self-evident in this world. Musketon is your go-to guy for detailed visual creations, concepts, campaigns and practically anything creative you can think of. He’s an absolute workaholic, has +/- 100.000 followers on social media, and truly loves chocolate.

Have a look at his kickstarter project Vectorcity here:

We Like You :: Social Media Agency

We Like You is a team of social media storytellers and community masterminds. Every day, they look for different ways to bridge the gap between businesses and their consumers, by using tailored social media strategies and carefully customised creative solutions. We Like You strongly believes that social media requires a unique skill set with little overlap from other marketing forms. They focus on one thing and they do it well.

Just have a look at their Instagram feed and you’ll know what we mean:

Nøcomputer :: Creative Technology Lab

Nøcomputer is a creative technology lab that explores new forms of interaction to create engaging experiences. They build interactive installations or experiences, using code to design (art, branded content & generative identities) and prototype new types of software. Some say they’re quite good at it.

Meet the Volvo HR90, the first AI-driven Car that does its own job interviews. Launched at the Belgian Car show, this car is part of an activation campaign to find employees for Volvo:

Milk and Cookies :: Architects of Ideas

Milk and Cookies is an agency with an atypical view on the challenges ahead. As architects of ideas they thoroughly analyse business situations and sculpt tailor-made solutions, embracing a myriad of playgrounds and their possibilities: they’ve been known to build (loads of) websites, dress theatre stages, translate music into visuals for international shows and more.

What’s the magic they hold inside? As creative directors, designers and code freaks with a natural curiosity of how things work, they developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges presented to us, allowing them to have innovative insights, crafting avant garde solutions for the future ahead. They interfere the milky-way: boldly, deeply, beyond.

Have a look at their website to see some of the amazing clients they’ve worked on so far:Growth Marketing Lab Milk & Cookies

Walkie Talkie :: Public Relations Agency

Walkie Talkie is an all round public relations agency. They reach out to their extensive network of publishers, connect the right plugs, and help your company or brand tune into the right frequency. Each team member has their own specific background, interests and proven track record within various industries including travel, food, fashion, tech, music, cultural projects and more. 

They’ve worked on quite some impressive clients and projects, Sony Music is one of them:

Growth Marketing Lab Sony Music

Dallas Antwerp :: No-Nonsense Communication Agency

Dallas Antwerp is a no-nonsense communication agency that comes up with creative ideas which generate return on investment for brands. In a trendy meeting room, that would sound like ‘An idea agency that drives ROI’. They summarised this vision as: ROMI², Return On Marketing Investment Squared.

Ambitious? Yep. Dallas Antwerp goes beyond where other agencies stop. Powerful statement, you say? Indeed, so how exactly do they do this? By splitting leads according to their clicking and searching behavior, they know exactly what ideas and content are relevant for which profiles. And above all: at what time. They design a brand & customer journey which results in strong and long-lasting relationships between brands and people. With the ultimate goal: Return On Marketing Investment. Because creative content that does not lead to results, is wasted content. And money, unfortunately yours.

Curious about their work? Check out their campaign for Jeroen Meus here:

Ship of Fools :: Visual Production Studio

Ship of Fools is a visual production studio. They’re specialised in design & illustration, combined with motion graphics, animation, interactive design, UI, and UX.

This is a project they recently did for Studio Brussels, but do check out their whole portfolio:

Growth Marketing Lab Studio Brussel

Needle :: Strategy & Innovation Firm

Needle is a high-level strategy and innovation firm dedicated to bringing you bespoke solutions, backed by cutting-edge research and evidence. Needle puts people first and uses insights into their behaviour and motivations to guide the development of new and exciting directions for your ventures. From conceptualisation to implementation, Needle is here to provide you with the expertise necessary to fully realise your goals. Needle helps companies, organisations and associations turn ideas into reality… Fast!

As the owner of one of the largest in-house creative agencies in the world, CCX, Colruyt Group wanted to benchmark the agency structure against comparable organisations. To accomplish this task, Colruyt Group hired Needle to help perform a benchmark and review of the entire agency. Check their case here:

Growth Marketing Lab Colruyt Case Needle


MAKEOUT :: Brand Strategy & Design Agency

MAKEOUT is a branding agency specialised in strategy and design thinking. Their hearts pound out of their chests at the prospect of creating durable brands that radiate real personality. Brand identities that go further than a logo. Brand identities that reflect the brand’s soul and externalise what it stands for. If you’re looking to acquire share of heart and build long-term relationships, MAKEOUT should be your next date.

Check out their impressive rebranding campaign for the EU here:

Growth Marketing Lab Rebranding EU

BOSON Content :: Strategic Facilitator

BOSON is a strategic sparring partner, a training centre, a facilitator. We have a solid background in communication, media and publishing. But that seems like a ‘conditio sine qua non’, right?

What drives us is curiosity: for your ambitions and frustrations, for your target audience and what drives them, and for the key drivers in today’s quickly changing digital landscape.

Wat sums us op is pragmatism. We like to untangle complexity and offer practical frameworks & stepping stones to grow towards a more relevant, differentiated and foremost a performing content marketing plan.

What we seek is a razor-sharp and measurable digital plan that focuses on impact: business impact, marketing impact, and preferably societal impact.

FAITH :: Advertising Agency

FAITH is an advertising agency that changes attitudes, beliefs and actions for their brands. They believe in believers. They create a lasting following for their brands, based on belief in, conviction for and dedication to those brands. Their weaponry? Customer intimacy, sensory experience, brand advocacy, empathy and passion. FAITH makes believe.

Here’s their recent project for Vacature.com:

Growth Marketing Lab Vacature.com
FAITH for Vacature.com

KOOACH :: Training as a Service Agency

More efficient use of time and budget is also possible in the area of knowledge generation. Instead of going externally and being dependent on a certain agenda, you can have training courses organised internally that serve both the strategy of the company and the knowledge of the participant. KOOACH is a training-as-a service agency that helps companies fill the digital knowledge gap through personalised training programs and on demand events.

Check the aftermovie of one of their most recent events below:

Klein. :: Communication Agency

[Klein], dutch for ‘small’, is a communication agency with a focus on pragmatic thinking, in function of a great result. Klein. stands for taking small, but well-considered steps. For targeted and sustainable action. For relevant, functional and creative communication concepts. Their small structure lends itself to great flexibility, short lines of communication with the customer and strong co-creation.

Have a look at their recent campaign made for Technopolis here:


Simply Fred :: Conceptionist

Simply Fred is a conceptualist and spatial designer, who likes to play with the existing patterns and rules. His playing field: architecture, spatial design and product design.

Have a look at this stop-motion of the installation he made for &KOO at Us By Night:

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