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Where marketing and technology meet

Network of experts

&KOO, the growth marketing network

&KOO stands for a new model in the marketing and creative industry. We no longer believe in one-stop-shops and big agency models. We believe in expertise and entrepreneurship. Our creative industry will be led by technology and (data) insights. Agencies should become business partners that strive for growth strategies. We no longer do business in silos.
Silo thinking is for fools. We believe in co-working where experts in marketing and technology meet each other and where different worlds get mixed. That's why we are part of the Cronos group.

Growth marketing is our vision on how your marketing strategy should be organized. It's about combining traditional and experimental marketing techniques that result in sustainable growth. Growth marketing starts at the heart of products and services while remaining brand authentic and leading to increased customer engagement.

We hate status quo and if you think the same, you should definitely meet some of our more than 130 experts in strategy, communication, creation, marketing automation, content, influencing, innovation, service design, business modelling, new technologies, branding, motion design, fucking good illustration and digital production.

Don't wait! Click here to get in touch. We’d love to come over to your place for coffee to discuss how your team &KOO can create sustainable growth.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Inge, Koen and Sven