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Bellewaerde scores with customer centric advertising

customer centric advertising

Understand and reach your potential customers

Bellewaerde is a unique family amusement park in Belgium, as they are the only one offering three trips in one day for the entire family. You can enjoy thrilling rides, marvel at exotic animals and relax in stunningly beautiful surroundings: Bellewaerde has it all!

Bellewaerde partnered with Invisible Puppy to reach new customers through digital marketing. It was important that their offline communication was perfectly aligned with the online message, but with a strong customer-centric focus. With a data-driven approach based on customer insights, research and buyer persona’s, Invisible Puppy created a customer centric digital advertising strategy for Bellewaerde.

The digital communication plan resulted in messages tailored to each buyer persona, weather situation and communication channel. The message of Bellewaerde has been distributed over multiple digital channels such as social media (Pinterest – Snapchat – Facebook - …-), Google Display, YouTube, native bannering on premium websites, etc.

As a result, Bellewaerde managed to extend their offline messages through online channels and reach more relevant audiences. The customer centric strategy provided more relevant and better-working advertisements with increased click-through rates and a solid performance despite the less than ideal weather conditions during the spring and early summer.  Invisible Puppy is now a trusted partner of Bellewaerde, working together to create more customized, useful and personal marketing messages for their customers.