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Boson, pimping Dreamland’s social media channels.

Social media

Boson, pimping Dreamland’s social media channels.

CCX, the internal communication agency of the Colruyt Group, needed support for one of the brands they work for, Dreamland.

Dreamland had been working hard to establish a conversion-driven approach on Facebook and Instagram, but felt it was time to communicate in a more consumer-centric way on social media.

That is why they asked us to come up with a top topical plan for this Summer, honing in on their target audiences’ mindset during the Summer holidays.

We did all the necessary research to find out what our audiences’ main ambitions, frustrations and dreams typically are during the holidays.

The result of our work were various creative content formats that will be rolled out on Facebook and Instagram as from mid July 2019.

And a very happy client ‘looking forward to working with Boson in the future

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