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Celebrating the Ultimate Extra Smile

Online activation / Digital production
Project definition

Celebrating a 15th birthday online

At Brussels Airlines, the extra smile is part of their core mission to deliver an over the top experience in airline travel. This year they are celebrating their 15th anniversary and wanted to share the fun by giving back. The goal: deliver the ultimate extra smile.

A tight deadline and an ad-movie that was already in production meant we had to get real creative, real fast.
In the end we delivered an online experience that would attract thousands of entries and mixed peak-campaign-thinking with long term online communication.

De kracht van co-creatie


Transforming values into experiences

Brussels Airlines contacted Lunar with a clear question: how can we share our birthday online with as many people as possible. A few parameters were fixed: a movie was already being shot and the deadline was set in stone.
We collaborated with SUPERMACHINE’s creative team to deliver a few creative options. On an almost daily basis we had check-ins to see how the concept was evolving.

The crazy impossible ideas got finetuned in true co-creation-style into tangible ideas that would work not only for the launch but yearlong.


The Ultimate extra Smile

In close collaboration with SUPERMACHINE we finetuned the concept into the following:
Visitors of the website can nominate a loved one to receive an extraordinary experience when travelling with Brussels Airlines. This way the promise of delivering the extra smile is delivered upon.


Lean and mean production

Once the general concept and flow was established, we fired up our design-tools, borrowing from the brand-styleguide and designing with acquisition and entries in mind. With clickable mockups and bi-weekly checkins, there was very little rework and a constructive vibe among all stakeholders.

Once in development everything was built to withstand high traffic load. A convenient Symphony-based CMS means the client can access and maintain assets in a convenient manner. During the press conference the campaign went live and our Amazon Web Services scaled beautifully as we saw the traffic increase.


A creative collaboration

With a strong start a thousand entries in the few hours online, the campaign was processing 30K unique visitors in the first two weeks. Converting into over two thousand submissions per week.