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ColliShop achieves success story thanks to valuable content


Setting up a specific content website

Colruyt Group, one of the biggest retailers in Belgium, needed support for their webshop Collishop. The organization wanted to introduce and monetize on important new marketing concepts like inbound marketing & content marketing.

They partnered up with Invisible Puppy and decided together to build a case with focus on the SLEEP category of Collishop. The aim of the collaboration was to offer relevant online content and help the customers in the decision journey.

Customers are always searching for valuable and trustworthy information. In this case they want to know more about matrasses, sheets, bed frames etc on the one hand and wonder how they can improve their sleep quality on the other hand.

Valuable content creation

A completely new content platform - an inspiring blog - has been set up centralising all kinds of information around sleeping.
To make this blog come alive potential customers were invited to attend workshops. Along with desk research and SEO we were able to create an image of the customer profile and discover what kind of content would appeal to prospective customers.

Thanks to these new insights, new content was created, including call to actions, an attractive layout for the platform, and powerful SEO.

Even better … a new section called “Matraswijzer” has been developed, which guides customers towards solutions rather than products. More than 50% of the visitors that used the tool clicked through to the Collishop product pages.

The result for ColliShop?

Thanks to strong content marketing Collishop managed to reach the right target group.
Content is being read by 1 out of 2 visitors. Bouncing percentage has been reduced to just 20%.
Collishop sees an important change in the results because of the link between visitors of the SLEEP content site and the higher amount spent on the Collishop website.