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Driven by emotion

Interactive data visualization & personalized artwork
Emotion As Art, Art As Inspiration

Influenced by you

This year, the INFINITI Pavilion at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance transformed into a living gallery by displaying guests’ emotional responses to concept vehicles as well as the All-New 2017 Q60, the first ever QX30 and the Q80 Inspiration. Using sensors and biometrics, every guests’ emotional response to the cars – changes in voice, a quickened pulse, sharpened stares –  produced evocative digital art on a 44 feet wide visualizer.

This unique art was not only captured in real-time but also serves as a lasting inspiration for INFINITI’s human-centric approach by giving each visitor a personalized artwork based on their emotional response during their visit.

De kracht van co-creatie

Project definition

How does one capture emotional response to a car? The answer is a simple as it is complex: by using sensors and biometrics. For this the INFINITI pavilion was equipped with webcams, microphones, position based RFID sensors and gesture controlled armbands.

This allowed the team not only to track the location of guests throughout the pavilion (with RFID sensors), but also discover if and when they were smiling (using webcams), or which cars were getting the most attention (based on microphone input).

On top of that, each guest was given a gesture controlled armband as they entered the pavilion, as a playful means of interacting with the 44 feet wide LED screen. People could wave, raise their fist and move their arm to control whatever was happening on screen.

Approaching the different cars on display would trigger custom animations. One car even had a heartbeat sensor, which again created that moment of surprise & delight as people were touching the steering wheel and heard their own heartbeat through the speakers.

Although all of this was happening real-time, every move, every gesture and playful discovery was being captured. On returning the armband, people received a personal memory of their experience in the form of a unique artwork based on their data.

Concept & creation

In the end projects like these are all about preparation, making assumptions and trying to create that little moment of magic. Nobody really knew what was going to happen once people started to play & explore the pavilion. Knowing this allowed everyone to have input during development, which made this a true team effort.

nøcomputer designed & developed the visual output/artwork (which was also used on the website) and interaction, while Jeff’s team was responsible for rigging all the sensors and setting up backend infrastructure (including two 24” printers).

Concept and art direction was mainly guarded by the creative teams at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Tool Of North America, who were responsible for the entire production & logistics of the experience.

Throughout this 3 day event about 700 unique posters were printed, while live coverage on social media provided an online extension to a rather unique project… driven by emotion.