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Walkie Talkie

Playmobil Stories

Stories for imagining

Finding a digital extension 

Together with the PR agency, Walkie Talkie, Lunar Gravity sought a creative way to bring stories to life. Not a simple product website or video, but rather a way to connect the analog world of toys with the digital world—and childlike imagination.

Inspired by classical storytelling, Lunar Gravity invited an announcer from a local children’s network, Ketnet, to read a few stories. Each story was accompanied with emojis so that parents and children could easily follow along. Each story contained an open ending so that the child could continue playing and come up with his or her own storyline.

Children were central to the website's development. Extensive testing with young children provided feedback which was then collected so the interface could be adapted. The stories, nice emojis and the familiar Ketnet voices enraptured the children and kept them enchanted.

To accompany the spoken stories, we set up a communication platform where new stories and interactions can continue to be built. The campaign succeeded in creating a connection between a brand with limited digital DNA and children’s colorful imagination.