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To buy a property online: just Biddit!

Brand awareness

To buy a property online: just Biddit!

The Federation of Notaries - Fednot - developed an interactive bidding platform. It’s the first online bidding tool to buy and sell properties with the help of a notary.

Fednot choose BOSON & Dallas Antwerp to launch the platform and create awareness.

First thing to do was to find a suitable name, logo and baseline for the platform.

Dallas came up with the name BIDDIT - a social media proof name with stopping power. The baseline ‘Kiezen, Bieden, Wonen’ (‘Select, Bid, Buy’) refers to the brand USP’s for the consumer: it’s a simple, fast, easy, transparent and safe way to acquire a property.

The launch came with a brand video, a tutorial video and POS material to create awareness and attract buyers/sellers to the online tool.

Boson wrote the digital strategy. Dallas implemented the plan that comprised of launching Biddit on Facebook with Facebook posts, programmatic display advertising through bannering and native bannering and a website.

The launch of Biddit was very successful. In one month, 1.000 users registered online. 88.000 visitors explored the website. Our client was very happy with the first results and the response in the market.

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